Message of BAURES Director

Director of BAURESBangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) was established in September 1961 to provide facilities for higher education, research and extension in all branches of agricultural sciences. Bangladesh Agricultural University Research System (BAURES) was established through an Ordinance approved by the BAU Syndicate in its 161st meeting on 30 August, 1984. Since then, the project-based research activities carried out by the teachers of different Faculties of BAU came under the direct management of BAURES. The main responsibility of BAURES is the administration and management of all research projects of the University. It promotes the development of collaboration among different institutions, Universities and donor agencies at home and abroad. It encourages the formation of research team by the teachers and researchers for the formulation of demand-led research projects and provides direct assistance in exploring research funds from potential donor agencies. BAURES organizes annual research progress workshop, seminars, symposia and also conduct evaluation of research proposal for granting research fund and arrange M&E of ongoing research projects. BAURES also publishes the Journal of the Bangladesh Agricultural University, workshop proceedings and the agricultural technology magazine. BAURES has so for completed implementation of 1,176 research projects and currently implementing 286 research projects funded by different national and international agencies. A good number of projects are being carried out in collaboration with the universities and institutions of developed countries like USA, EU and Japan etc. Like every year BAURES is organizing this annual mega event, BAU Research Progress Workshop 2015-2016, at BAU campus on May 13-14, 2017. After the inaugural session the findings of 376 research projects will be presented in 12 parallel technical secessions at different halls of BAU campus. May I request all participants to actively contribute in the technical sessions by sharing their ideas and views, and to finally come up with valuable suggestions and recommendations. This would help to face the challenges of the agricultural sector to feed the future growing people of Bangladesh. For this workshop we have chosen “Agricultural Innovations for Increased Competitiveness” as the theme. Agricultural innovations are complex and need detailed basic and applied researches for in-depth understanding of innovative behavior and practices in the agricultural sector and generation of appropriate technologies. .

Globally, driven by rising demand for safe food, feed, and fuel, food price volatility, climate change, diminishing resources for agricultural production, and increasing cost of the inputs, agriculture research has once again began to gather momentum since the turn of the century. A remarkable shift in the overall research agendas is occurring in many developed and transitional economies with increased attention on food and agricultural sector. During the last few years the present government of the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has increased research funding and emphasis on agricultural sectors for transforming Bangladesh to a middle income country. Nevertheless, research in agricultural sectors still suffers from underinvestment, poor infrastructure and lack of incentives for researchers. Agricultural research is still largely dependent on foreign aid. Inclusion of BAU in the NARS has been a long standing demand. Advancing agriculture to meet the demand for increasing food production at the rate of population growth through the development of science-based, sustainable and environment- friendly agricultural technology is a demand of the time.

Professor Dr. Md. Monjurul Alam
Bangladesh Agricultural University Research System (BAURES)