Governing Body of BAURES

The Governing Body is constituted as under-

1. Vice-Chancellor, BAU, Mymensingh Chairman
2. All Deans of Faculties, BAU Member
3. Coordinator, Committee for Advanced Studies and Research, BAU Member
4. Executive Vice-Chairman, BARC, Dhaka Member
5. Director General, BARI, Joydebpur, Dhaka Member
6. Director General, Directorate of Livestock Services Member
7. Director General, Directorate of Fisheries Member
8. Head, Department of Agricultural Extension Education, BAU Member
9. Chairman, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) Member
10. Director, BAURES, BAU Member-Secretary

Five members including the Chairman form the quorum for a meeting of the Governing Body. The Governing Body is empowered with such administrative and financial powers in respect of Research System as are considered necessary for its proper and efficient functioning. Powers and functions of the Governing Body are as follows:

  • to approve the annual research projects of BAURES as recommended by the RAC and to recommend the annual budget estimates of BAURES to the Finance Committee of BAU for provision of required funds;
  • to recommend for creation of research, technical, administrative, ministerial or any other posts on permanent basis and for abolishing or suspending them as and when considered necessary;
  • to recommend for appointment of personnel of the Research System on the recommendation of the selection committee constituted by the Vice-Chancellor for the purpose;
  • to recommend for framing such rules and regulations as are necessary for proper organization and administration of the system;
  • to constitute committees and sub-committees, whenever it is necessary for smooth functioning of the research system;
  • to receive and accept funds, grants, donations, bequests and awards, etc. from the Government of the People‚Äôs Republic of Bangladesh and/or any other organizations or individuals;
  • to take steps to set up Research Sub-stations at different geographical locations in Bangladesh