Research Advisory Committee (RAC) of BAURES

The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) consistent of the following

1. Vice-Chancellor, BAU Chairman
2. One representative from each Faculty (nominated by the Faculty) Member
3. Coordinator, Committee for Advanced Studies and Research, BAU Member
4. Two Professors (nominated by the Syndicate) Member
5. One member other than Professor (nominated by the Academic Council) Member
6. One representative from BARC (not below the rank of Member-Director) Member
7. Director, BAURES, BAU Member-Secretary


The term of the nominated members is two years. One-third members, fraction being counted one, form quorum for meeting of RAC. Subject to other provisions of BAURES ordiance 1984, RAC has following functions and powers;

  • to formulate major guidelines for research, planning and administration at BAU;
  • to serve as budget planning committee in respect of research projects;
  • to coordinate research programmes of different disciplines and maintain liaison with other research institutes and organizations at home and abroad;
  • to recommend for approval of various research schemes keeping in view the guidelines given by the Government to make agricultural revolution a success;
  • to constitute technical committees for screening, monitoring and evaluation of various research projects, as and when necessary;
  • to recommend for creation or abolition of post to the Governing Body; and
  • to take such other step/steps that may help and improve the standard of research of the University.