Monitoring, Evaluation and Publications

A monitoring team headed by the Associate Director of BAURES monitors the on-going research projects. The research and financial activities of the projects are evaluated through an annual workshop. Principal Investigators, representatives from BARC and scientists from other national research institutes and organizations attend the workshop and take active part in discussion to evaluate the projects. The proceedings of the annual workshop are published under name “BAU Research Progress”. Twenty seven volumes of BAU Research Progress have already been published and the Journal of the Bangladesh Agricultural University volume 14 issue 2 is now in progress. Besides, BAURES is going to publish and disseminated the Quartaly Krishi Projukti Barta (Agricultural Technological Magazine from 2009. The M&E team of BAURES monitors different BAURES- and externally-funded national and international collaboration projects to assess how these projects are tuned to achieve SDGs and/or how local, national and international best practices are developed/adopted to tackle SDGs.