CALL for Project Proposals by BAURES is now open. The deadline for submission is extended upto Feb 28, 2018. Please use the following documents while preparing your research proposal.

BAURES allows you to submit your research proposal through online. Please follow the steps given below to submit your proposal.
  1. Download the Research Proposal Application Form [download (.doc, 193KB)], and Faculty wise research priority list (updated on 30.01.2018) [download (.doc, 47KB)]
  2. Fill up the downloaded Form and save as project file (pdf format).
  3. Print and Signed the Form (whereever necessary).
  4. Scan the budget page and Create a budget file (pdf format).
  5. Scan the declaration page and Create a declaration file (pdf format).
Once the 3 (three) files (project file, budget file and declaration file) are ready, you will able to submit your proposal in a secured way. Only the authorized users have the access to this system. Based on your situation, please choose any one of the followings:
  • If you are a new user, please [click here] to Create New Account. Please check your email including spam folder to activate your account.
  • If you already have an account, please [click here] to login and submit your proposal.
  • If you want to visit BAURES home, please [click here].