JBAU Volume 9 Issue 2


Crop Science

Farmers’ attitude towards the use of USG in rice cultivation in three selected villages of Netrakona district

N. C. Basak and J. C. Pandit

Studies on physio-morphology, floral biology and fruit characteristics of mango

D. A. N. Majumder, L. Hassan, M. A. Rahim and M. A. Kabir

Efficacy of Bion, Amistar, and Tilt in controlling brown spot and the narrow brown spot of rice cv. BR11 (Mukta)

I. Hossain, P. Dey and M. Z. Hossain

Determining the optimum rate of boron application for higher yield of wheat in Old Brahmaputra Floodplain soil

M. R. Debnath, M. Jahiruddin, M. M. Rahman and M. A. Haque

Effect of potato extract on in vitro seed germination and seedling growth of local Vanda roxburgii orchid

M. O. Islam, M. Akter and A. K. M. A. Prodhan


Genetic relationship and similarity of some selected chicken strains

K. N. Monira, M. N. Islam, R. Khatun and S. Ahmed

Epidemiology of intestinal schistosomiasis in ruminants of Bangladesh

M. N. Islam, N. Begum, M. Z. Alam and M. A. A. Mamun

Epidemiological investigation of Paramphistomiasis in cattle at selected areas of Sirajgonj district of Bangladesh

A. K. Paul, M. Talukder, K. Begum and M. A. Rahman

Economics and Rural Sociology

Impact of introducing low lift pump on improving the income of farm households in some areas of Bhola district in Bangladesh

M. K. Majumder and M. S. Rahman

An economic analysis of winter vegetable production in some selected areas of Narsingdi district

S. Akter, M. S. Islam and M. S. Rahman

Economic study on production and marketing of shrimp and prawn seed in Bangladesh

M. S. Islam, M. S. Rahman, M. M. Haque and S. Sharmin

Agricultural Engineering

Estimation of evapotranspiration using a simulation model

M. H. Ali, H. Paul and M. R. Haque

Anthropometric study on children of Garo and non-Garo families in Netrakona district of Bangladesh

S. M. B. Rahman, M. B. Uddin and I. Hussain

Synthesis of esterified solid fat from fractionated rapeseed oil and palm stearin modeling by response surface methodology

M. A. Alim, P. Wessman and P. C. Dutta

Irrigation suitability of North Bengal Sugar Mill’s effluent and its impact on soil properties

S. S. Tabriz, M. A. Mojid and G. C. L. Wyseure

Development of orange flavor emulsion

M. Saifullah and M. G. Aziz

Studies on the effect of brown rice and maize flour on the quality of bread

M. Z. Islam and M. Shams-Ud-Din and M. A. Haque


Effect of pituitary gland doses on artificial propagation of Guchibaim, Mastacembelus pancalus (Hamilton)

M. M. Rahman, M. I. Miah, K. R. Hasan and S. M. Farid

Landing centers and availability of fish species in fish markets of Mymensingh town

K. J. Chandra, S. S. Basak and M. Hasan

Assessing livelihood impacts of cage-based fish fingerlings production on Adivasi households in north-east and north-west Bangladesh

N. Gupta and M. M. Haque

Effects of stocking densities on growth and survival of  thai sharpunti  Barbonymus gonionotus in earthen ponds

M. F. A. Mollah, M. Moniruzzaman and M. M. Rahman

Microbial quality of hilsa shad (Tenualosa ilisha) at different stages of processing

m. m. shamsuzzaman, s. k. mazumder, m. a. siddique and M. N. U. Miah

Morphological variability of the 11th generation strain of nile tilapia, (Oreochromis niloticus) and traditional genetically improved farmed tilapia

K. M. Shahriar Nazrul, A–A. Mamun, B. S. Sarker and U. S. Tonny

Caryophyllaeid cestode infestations in Clarias batrachus (Linn., 1758) in Mymensingh region

M. S. Chhanda, K. J. Chandra and N. N. Laboni

Optimization of hormonal dose during masculinization of tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fry

Z. Ferdous and M. M. Ali

Effect of different protein levels of fry feed on the production of quality tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fry

K. R. Sumi, M. Das and I. Siddika