JBAU Volume 8 Issue 1


Crop Science
In vitro regeneration performance of Corchorus olitorius
M. Hoque, K. M Nasiruddin, G. K. M. N. Haque and G. C. Biswas

Microsatellite based DNA fingerprinting of 28 local rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties of  Bangladesh
M. S. Rahman, M. K. H. Sohag, and L. Rahman
The effect of salinity on seed quality of wheat
F. Begum, I. M. Ahmed, A. Nessa and W. Sultana

Evaluation of some management practices for the suppression of cucurbit fruit fly in bitter gourd
M. Wasim Akram, M. M. Rahman and R. Ali
Flowering pattern, floral abscission and yield attributes in soybean influenced by GABA
M. O. Islam, M. A. Rahim and A. K. M. A. Prodhan
Efficacy of dodder vine extract as seed protectant against pulse beetle,
Callosobruchus chinensis (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)
M. H. Rahman, M. A. Ali and K. S. Ahmed


Effects of administration of multivitamins and enzymes for broilers either singly or in combination on body weight and haemato-biochemical parameters
R. C. Paul, N. Ahmad, M. A. Moinuddin and N. Hasan
Study on the socio-economic condition and productive performances of backyard chicken in some selected areas of Pabna district
M. C. Sumy, M. S. I. Khokon, M. M. Islam and S. Talukder
Esterase variability in different tissues of Naked Neck Fowl (Gallus gallus domesticus) of Bangladesh using  polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis
Q. S. Akter, K. A. Muid, K. M. A. Tareq and M. A. M. Y. Khandoker
Vitamin C and electrolyte supplementation to support growth and meat yield of broilers in a hot humid environment
M. T. Ali, M. A. R. Howlider, A. K. Azad and M. S. Rahman
Ectoparasites of buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis) in Kurigram district of Bangladesh
M. A. A. Mamun, N. Begum, H. M. Shahadat and M. M. H. Mondal

Performance and genetic parameters of economically important traits of Black Bengal
S. Faruque, S. A. Chowdhury, N. U. Siddiquee and M. A. Afroz
Phenotypic characterization of Native Chicken reared under intensive management
S. Faruque, N. U. Siddiquee, M. A. Afroz and M. S. Islam
Growth performance of Red Chittagong and Holstein crossbred bull calves using growth promoter
M. K. Sarker, M. R. Amin, M. Harun-ur-Rashid, A. K. M. A. Kabir
Comparative study of the performance of buffalo calves and cow calves by feeding Urea Molasses Block with straw based diet
S. Ferdous, A. K. M. Masum, M. A. S. Khan and M. A. Islam

Economics and Rural Sociology
Supply and demand situations for major crops and food items in Bangladesh
M. E. A. Begum and Luc D’Haese
Forecasting of boro rice production in Bangladesh: An ARIMA approach
N. M. F. Rahman

Constraints of native cattle genetic resource conservation and features of breeding system in representative areas of Bangladesh
M. A. Quddus and M. R. Amin
Household demand for dairy products in Bangladesh: An Application of AIDS Model
M. M. Hannan, A. Dutta, H. Kabir and M. M. Hannan

Shrimp export from Bangladesh: Effect of war and trade liberalization
S. A. Sabur, M. S. Palash, M. A. Awal and K. T. Rahman
Changing marriage system of Adivasi Garo Community and its impact on their socioeconomic development
K. Ahmed, R. N. Ali and F. Begum

Agricultural Engineering
Development of portable traditional triple mouth chula
M. N. Hoque, M. S. Rahman, N. Nahar
The effect of chickpea (Cicer arietinim) husk on the properties of cracker biscuits
D. Bose and M. Shams-Ud-Din
Studies on the preparation of chapatti and biscuit supplemented with potato flour
Khaliduzzaman, M. Shams-Ud-Din and M. N. Islam

Effects of rice bran on growth and survival of Thai sharpunti Barbodes gonionotus in earthen ponds
M. Moniruzzaman and M. F. A. Mollah
Reproductive characteristics of Liza parsia (Ham.) inhabiting south-west coast of Bangladesh
M. Begum, M. A. Islam, H. K. Pal and M. J. Alam
Impacts of different rice-fish-prawn culture systems on yield of rice, fish and prawn and  limnological conditions
Ashfaqun Nahar