JBAU Volume 11 Issue 1


Crop Science

On-farm study on intercropping of hybrid maize with short duration vegetables

UK Sarker, S Dey, S Kundu, MA Awal

Effect of different doses of GA3 application at primordia initiation stage on the growth and yield of Oyster mushroom

RR Sarker, AKMSH Chowdhury

Isolation and characterization of piperine from the fruits of black pepper (Piper nigrum)

KC Saha, HP Seal, MA Noor

Effect of variety and weeding regime on the yield components and yield of Aus rice

B Mondal, MAR Sarkar, SK Paul, F Zaman

Organic and inorganic fertilization on the yield and quality of soybean

S Khaim, MAH Chowdhury, BK Saha

Nutrient accumulation and their uptake by red amaranth as influenced by different levels of N

MY Miah, US Monira, KI Fazal, PK Roy

Integrated nutrient management on soil fertility, growth and yield of tomato

MR Islam, MAH Chowdhury, BK Saha, MM Hasan

Major nutrient contents and their uptake by brinjal as influenced by phosphorus and sulphur

MM Hasan, MAH Chowdhury, BK Saha, MR Islam

Influence of stomatal characteristics on yield and yield attributes of rice

AKM Golam Sarwar, M Abdul Karim, SMA Masud Rana

Effect of weeding on the growth, yield and yield contributing characters of mungbean (Vigna radiata L.)

R Akter, MA Samad, F Zaman, MS Islam

Floral morphology and seed yield in two Indigofera spp. as affected by shoot clipping

S Jahan, AKM Golam Sarwar, MA Hossain, MSA Fakir

Foreground selection through SSRs markers for the development of salt tolerant rice variety

U Mondal, MSR Khanom, L Hassan, SN Begum

Identification of Iron rich rice genotypes in Bangladesh using chemical analysis

GS Jahan, L Hassan, SN Begum, SN Islam


Effect of non genetic factors on productive traits of Black Bengal goats

Zinat Mahal, MAMY Khandoker, MN Haque

Isolation and identification of Avibacterium paragallinarum, the causal agent of infectious coryza (IC) from layer chickens in Bangladesh

S Akter, M Ali, PM Das, MM Hossain

Evaluation of doxycycline sensitivity in vitro against Babesia gibsoni by Real Time-PCR

MH Talukder, A Matsuu, Y Hikasa

Environmental health hazard of arsenic on epididymis and ductus deferens in male Black Bengal Goats

MA Wares, MA Awal, M Nasrin, MNH Siddiqi

Effects of probiotics and enzymes on growth performance and haematobiochemical parameters in broilers

MS Rahman, A Mustari, M Salauddin, MM Rahman

Quality of milk available at local markets of Muktagacha upazila in Mymensingh district

MA Islam, MH Rashid, MFI Kajal, MS Alam

Economics and Rural Sociology

Empowerment and Microfinance: A socioeconomic study of female garment workers in Dhaka City

MA Rahman, M Khatun, Z Tasnim, N Islam

Agricultural Engineering

Comparative study on the development of maize flour based composite bread

R Begum, MJ Uddin, MA Rahman, MS Islam

An advantageous level of irrigation water salinity for wheat cultivation

MA Mojid, KFI Murad, SS Tabriz, GCL Wyseure

Growth stage sensitivity of wheat to irrigation water salinity

MA Mojid, MS Mia, AK Saha, SS Tabriz

Drying tea in a kilburn vibro fluid bed dryer

M Akhtaruzzaman, MR Ali, MM Rahman, MS Ahamed

Environmental awareness among the industrial workers: A study in Tangail district, Bangladesh

SC Shil, BC Sarker, A Akter, B Bakali


An experimental study on small scale sea water desalination unit through solar power in Coxs Bazar, Bangladesh

MM Islam, SA Uddin, Z Islam, MI Hossain