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Sarker B.S., Paul S.K., Kadir Maruf M.K., Majumdar P.R., Azom M.G., Salam S., Saha D.Size structure, weight-length relationship and condition factor of the endangered loach botia dario from Bangladesh2021AACL Bioflux146
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Jahan N., Islam S.M.M., Rohani M.F., Hossain M.T., Shahjahan M.Probiotic yeast enhances growth performance of rohu (Labeo rohita) through upgrading hematology, and intestinal microbiota and morphology2021Aquaculture54510.1016/j.aquaculture.2021.737243
Rhaman M.S., Rauf F., Tania S.S., Karim M.D., Sagar A., Robin A.H.K., Abdel Latef A.A.H., Murata Y.SEED PRIMING AND EXOGENOUS APPLICATION OF SALICYLIC ACID ENHANCE GROWTH AND PRODUCTIVITY OF OKRA (Abelmoschus esculentus L.) BY REGULATING PHOTOSYNTHETIC ATTRIBUTES2021Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences9610.18006/2021.9(6).759.769
Bhuiya S.I., Munir M.B., Hannan M.A., Kabeer F., Hossain M.J., Alam A.N.Factors Affecting Fishers’ Attitude and Willingness to use Cage Aquaculture as an Alternative Livelihood for Reducing Fishing Pressure in Haor Areas, Bangladesh2021Borneo Journal of Resource Science and Technology11210.33736/BJRST.4077.2021
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Islam M.M., Islam J., Islam M.S., Ahamed T., Islam M.R., Khatun M.M., Islam M.A.Duck virus enteritis (duck plague) outbreak in an Australian black swan (Cygnus atratus) flock at safari park in Bangladesh: A case report2021Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research8410.5455/javar.2021.h545
Zabir M., Miah M.A., Alam M., Bhuiyan M.E.J., Haque M.I., Sujan K.M., Mustari A.Impacts of stocking density rates on welfare, growth, and hemato-biochemical profile in broiler chickens2021Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research8410.5455/javar.2021.h556
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Amin M.G.M., Minhaj A.A., Islam D., Bhowmik B., Hasan M.M., Islam M.N.Mulch and no-till impacts on nitrogen and phosphorus leaching in a maize field under sub-tropic monsoon climate2021Environmental Challenges510.1016/j.envc.2021.100346
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