Aims and Objectives of BAURES

The aims and objectives of the Research System are as follows:

  1. To provide for research work of highest order in all branches of agricultural sciences for advancement and dissemination of knowledge in those subjects currently in force at this University and those which may be instituted in future according to the need of the hour;
  2. To formulate, organize, frame, co-ordinate and execute all research schemes with the co-operation of respective academic departments according to the genius of the University and the need of the country;
  3. To make arrangements for monitoring and evaluation of research programmes;
  4. To organize symposia, conferences, seminars and cross-sectoral policy dialogues with government, non-government organizations, international organizations, and industries on various aspects of agricultural sciences (agriculture, food, natural resource management, and environment) for achieving SDGs;
  5. To publish journals, bulletins, research reports and other information materials of both fundamental and applied nature and to create necessary facilities for this purpose;
  6. To perform such other acts, whether incidental to powers aforesaid or not, as may be requested in furtherance of the objectives of the University.